Jackson Allgood, Bailey Cone

The seniors in the spotlight this week are Lee-Scott Academy seniors Jackson Allgood and Bailey Cone. Allgood plays third base, while Cone plays first. 


Auburn Villager: How does it feel to be seniors almost ready to take the next step?

Jackson Allgood: It feels great. We've been through everything school has to offer. We've gone through all of our years of playing baseball, and it's been a really good run. We're moving on. I'm going to play college; he's looking to play in college. It's just a great feeling.

Bailey Cone: Same thing. We've been through a lot together through the years because we've been here for four years now and have gone through the ropes. It's exciting knowing we're moving on to bigger things, going to the next level and progressing our baseball careers. It's exciting.


AV: When you get older, you'll reflect on your playing days here. What stands out the most about your career here now?

JA: Playing baseball really taught me how to compete and how to earn my spot, and that if you put in all the hard work that it takes to be great into something, then it will always pay off. That's really what I learned out here.

BC: I learned, for the most part, to compete, to be great and to push yourself in every way that you can to strive to be the best you can be. Competition teaches you a lot about yourself and about what you have to do in the real world to compete for things. 

AV: Where are you going to play college, Jackson?

JA: Lawson State Community College in Birmingham. I'm really excited. I'm just ready to be up there. I'm just looking forward to it. I know it's going to be a great experience.

AV: How do you feel this season went?

JA: We got put out by Autauga (Academy) last weekend, but it was a fun season. We were able to put in all of the work we needed to do to get to the playoffs. We just came up a little short. But we came a long way from where everyone expected us to be and we a lot better than what everyone pictured us. I was proud of our team this year.

AV: Are you going to play third base in college, Jackson?

JA: Actually, I got  signed to play first base in college. This was my first year back at third base. We (he and Bailey) actually switched positions. 

Interview by Brian Woodham

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