LSA head coach Robert Maddox

The Lee-Scott Academy football team will look to start a winning streak on Friday in a non-region game against Northside Methodist. 

The Warriors made easy work last week against Edgewood Academy after dropping a close game against rival Glenwood. 

Edgewood, which has gone through its share of struggles this season after its head coach and several players defected from the team, was severely out-manned against the Warriors, who pulled out an easy 41-7 victory. 

LSA head coach Robert Maddox was proud of his team's reserve and sportsmanship. 

"I think our kids played with a lot of class last weekend. We definitely out-manned them. They’re very young and inexperienced. Compared to us, doubly so," he said. "I appreciate the fact that they kind of pulled back a little bit. I know that some people bristle at the thought of not blowing some guy up, but you’re talking about the difference between a senior blowing up an eighth-, a ninth-, or a 10th-grader at some times. That’s just not my idea of a first-class program. We had them under control pretty much the whole game.

"We did not play with the kind of intensity you would expect to play with, but it’s understandable under the circumstances."

Maddox said everyone got to play against Edgewood, with the back-ups getting more reps than the starters. That experience could pay dividends later in the season. 

He says he thought the defense has improved, although he was disappointed in a couple big plays the Warriors gave up against Glenwood. 

Northside (3-2) is another opportunity for the Warriors to take a step forward. The Knights are coming off a 41-28 loss to Fort Dale, but played Glenwood tough earlier in the season, losing 27-13. 

"They’re a team that’s big, a lot like the team out of Columbus that we played just looking at them. They’re a big team, a big physical team," Maddox said. "They’ve got some individual athletes that are pretty good. It ought to be comparable. 

"They gave Glenwood a good little run a few weeks ago, so measure that up against what Glenwood’s been doing. They’re undefeated right now."

He added that the Warriors need to be cautious and approach the game with a winning mindset. He also said that the Knights are a run-first team, much like the Warriors, so time of possession will play a big role in who wins. 

"Time of possession is always key, but even more-so this week," he said. "We’ve got to keep the ball from them. They’ve got a very good tailback who puts up a lot of big plays. He’s kind of a marquee guy, so we’ve got to keep him in check as best we can.

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