Sam Aldridge

This week's Lee-Scott Academy Athlete of the Week is junior Sam Aldridge, who plays guard on the Warriors' basketball team. 

The Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing basketball?

Sam Aldridge: In seventh grade when I came to Lee-Scott. I was home-schooled before, so that was my first year of playing, really. I've been on varsity since eighth grade with my brothers. I had two brothers who played with me, so that's when it really started. 

AV: What's the most challenging thing about playing guard?

SA: I think, when they press, handling the pressure, trying to get to the hole. I like it. 

AV: What aspect of the game do you like the most?

SA: Really, just competing in anything — golf, track, any sport. I just like to compete and just get up and down, run and be aggressive. Defense is probably my favorite. Having the crowd cheer is fun.

AV: Did you have any players you emulated growing up or maybe watched in the NBA?

SA: I love to watch NBA. Lebron James is my favorite player. 

AV: What about his game do you like?

SA: Probably how big and strong he is, just taking it to the hole, which is pretty impressive — the size, which I don't really have, but it's fun to watch. 

AV: Do you try to be aggressive like that and take it to the hole?

SA: Yeah. I try to as much as I can to draw all the fouls and finish. 

AV: How is your season going so far?

SA: It's going pretty well. I think we've lost maybe four or five games, but a few of those we won we beat the same team. We're doing pretty well. I think as the season's gone on we've gotten a lot better.  

AV: What other sports do you play?

SA: This year, I'm actually starting baseball, so I'll be doing baseball and track this spring. 

AV: Why did you decide to give baseball a go now?

SA: A lot of my friends are doing it, and so I just did the tryout and made the team. I thought it was just worth a try because I played golf and tennis as well in the past and just kind of was over it. It's something to do in the spring. 

AV: Is this your first time playing baseball?

SA: Yeah. I played tee-ball. That was about it. 

AV: Do you know what position you're going to play?

SA: I have no idea, so we'll see when we get there, I guess. 

AV: Now that you're an upperclassman, do you feel like you're stepping into a larger leadership role?

SA: I think so. I think last year playing, I played nervous. I was just kind of there. This year, I feel like my energy plays off on everyone else, so I think that's a good thing. I think I can handle that pretty well. 

AV: Do you have any other hobbies outside of sports?

SA: Hunting and finishing with friends is fun, so that's pretty much what I do if I'm not playing sports or coming up here and shooting. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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