Kenedi Cleveland

This week's Lee-Scott Athlete of the Week is junior Kenedi Cleveland, who plays forward on the Warriors' girls basketball team.

The Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing basketball?

Kenedi Cleveland: I started my eighth grade year at Lee-Scott Academy. 

AV: What got you into playing basketball?

KC: Well, my mom was a big playing basketball and she went to go play college and then her freshman year she stopped, so she's a role model of mine.  

AV: What do you like about playing in the post?

KC: I think that being closest to the goal is the easiest part, and just the feeling of scoring and rebounding the ball. It's a good feeling. 

AV: Did you have any role models growing up or players you watched?

KC: Honestly, not role models that I watched. But people older than me, like seniors, I looked up to them and strived towards them, so their role models of mine.  

AV: As an upperclassman now, do you feel like your leadership role has increased?

KC: Yes. I feel like it's a big part. How I looked up to them, I want them to look up to me like that.

AV: How did your season go?

KC: It's been well. We ended really good. Our saying was "Rise Above," and we started off and people were saying we weren't even going to make it to the final four, and we made it. How we progressed throughout the season was really good. 

AV: Do you play any other sports?

KC: I do track and I cheer. 

AV: What do you do in track?

KC: I do the 100, and then I throw discus and then high jump and long jump. 

AV: What's your favorite event out of those?

KC: I guess long jump. 

AV: What do you like about long jump?

KC: Just that feeling of jumping into the sand. It's just the best feeling ever. 

AV: Do you have any other hobbies outside of sports?

KC: I did horseback riding for a long time and I really enjoyed that. And I played volleyball. 

Interview by 

Brian Woodham

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