Jake Jenkins

This week's Lee-Scott Athlete of the Week is senior Jake Jenkins, who is a placekicker on the Warriors' football team. 

The Auburn Villager: When did you start playing football for the Warriors? Have you always played football?

Jake Jenkins: I started in 10th grade and that was my first year.

AV: Do you enjoy it and will you play it in the future? 

JJ: Yes ma’am.

AV: What position do you play? Do you face any challenges in that position?

JJ: I kick for the team, and challenges are just overcoming pressure. That’s about it.

AV: Do you have a particular strategy or technique when you play?

JJ: Tune everything out and just focus in.

AV: How do you feel about the team this year? How are practices going?

JJ: We do pretty good. The team chemistry was really high this year so that’s really good.

AV: You kicked a 54-yard field goal in last week’s game? How did that feel?

JJ: Pretty great.

AV: Any athletic role models you follow or look up to?

JJ: Daniel Carson, who kicks for Auburn.

AV: Do you follow the Auburn Tigers? Any thoughts on how they’re doing this season?

JJ: Yes. They’re doing pretty good. Of course, Daniel’s doing pretty good. They just gotta win these next two games and they’ll be good.

AV: Are you excited for the Georgia game? Will you be going or watching?

JJ: Yes. I’m not sure yet, depends on if I can find a ticket.

AV: What’s your biggest challenge as an athlete? What’s your greatest strength?

JJ: Biggest challenge is probably size. And then biggest strength is just being mentally tough and not giving up.

AV: Any post-graduation plans?

JJ: I’m trying to walk on somewhere and see what happens from there.

AV: Any hobbies or interests outside of sports?

JJ: I mountain bike.

AV: How is school going this year?

JJ: Pretty good. It’s senior year, ready to be done. I’m excited about getting into college.

Interview by Allison Barilone


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