Geordan Tyson

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott's Geordan Tyson, a senior who plays left tackle on the offensive line for the Warriors.

The Auburn Villager: How long have you been playing football?

Geordan Tyson: I’ve been playing football since fifth grade, so that’s 7 years. 

AV: Is it a passion for you, something you really enjoy?

GT: Oh yes. My whole family likes Auburn football. At first, my mom didn’t want me to play, but when I got taller and bigger, she said, "Ok, you’re good now." I used to play basketball but I focused on football when I got to varsity.

AV: What’s your impression of the team? How are your practices going?

GT: I think we defied a lot of expectations because we lost so many seniors last year, people thought we might not be as good. But I think we’ve beaten a lot of the expectations that people have had of us. We’re a big ol’ family, so if we lose, we lose together. If we win, we win together.

AV: Do you have any role models in football?

GT: For a long time I looked up to Michael Oher because he was a left tackle. I’m a left tackle this year. When Cam (Newton) was with Auburn, I looked up to him. I guess everybody kind of looked up to Cam.

AV: What’s most challenging about working the offensive line?

GT: Probably being able to hit people that might be bigger than you and being able to stay on your block. Trying not to let the quarterback get tackled, just being able to protect what you need to protect while staying inside the bounds of the game.

AV: What’s your biggest challenge as an athlete? What’s your greatest strength?

GT: Biggest challenge is to not play for yourself, but to play for your team and know that you’re playing for somebody else on your team. That team mindset can also be considered the greatest strength.

AV: What are you looking forward to after graduation?

GT: Being able to be on my own and be independent. Once you’re in college, you get to do everything for yourself and figure out how to be an adult. 

AV: What school are you considering?

GT: I got into Auburn. I am going into Ag E-Con and business.

AV: I hear you enjoy reading. What do you like to read?

GT: When I was younger, I read 500-page books in two days. I just like to read a lot. It got harder to read as much when I got older, but I still like to read. I used to read fiction and adventure but now I read history. I love historical things; for instance, I read about John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s killer.

Interview by Allison Barilone


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