Brett Parker

This week's Lee-Scott Athlete of the Week is Brett Parker, a senior shortstop on the Warriors' softball team.

The Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing softball?

Brett Parker: I think I started in about third grade. 

AV: What got you into playing softball?

BP: My dad, and all my friends were playing, and I really wanted to play, so I started playing. And I've been playing ever since, every single summer, all year. 

AV: What do you like about playing softball?

BP: Just the challenges it brings me and the friends I make. It just gives me something to do; it's a really good hobby. I really like it a lot.

AV: What are the challenges of playing?

BP: You have to overcome a lot of mental things. You want to get mad about this, but you can't because you've got to move on and make the next play even though you want to keep worrying about that one play. It's a big mental game, and it's the main challenge of softball.

AV: Do you have any teams or players you follow?

BP: I kind of just watch all the teams and all the players because they're all great. Auburn's really great; Alabama; LSU — I just watch all their players and just see how each one acts and how they carry themselves and how they act on the field, and I try to act that way. No one in particular, just all of them really. 

AV: Shortstop is a particularly challenging position. What do you like about playing there?

BP: You get a lot of balls hit to you. You get a lot of action at shortstop. It's probably where you get the most action. And I like the challenge it brings, moving from side to side. It's a really big area. I love it. 

AV: Hitting ... ?

CB: That's my favorite part of the game. 

AV: What do you like about hitting and what areas could you possibly improve?

BP: Well, I like hitting the most because it's just the way you win. That's how you get runs on the board; that's how you win. Without hitting, you can't a game. And the part that I need to improve on the most is my consistency, getting on base all the time or trying to, at least, getting on base all the time. Staying more consistent each game, that's my main struggle. 

AV: How is the season going so far?

BP: It's going pretty good. We're doing good right now, actually. We had trouble for a second, but now we're good. 

AV: Do you have plans yet for what you're going to do after you graduate?

BP: Yes, sir. I'm going to play softball at UAB. 

AV: How does it make you feel that you're going to play on the next level?

BP: Really good. I was sad for a second there — I didn't know if I was going to play for sure or not yet and I didn't think I could let it go, but now I'm going to UAB. 

AV: When did you find out you were going to UAB?

BP: January. I've been talking to them since November and it got confirmed in January. It felt amazing. And since they're D1, it felt even better. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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