LSA head coach Robert Maddox

The Lee-Scott football team hit the field this week for a pared-back spring practice, with a goal of getting some of the offense installed. 

Last year, the Warriors deployed an offense that was run-heavy, utilized two tight ends and an unbalance line. 

"We were in a situation last year where I felt like we didn’t have the foot-speed and quickness to be able to get out of some problems some other team’s defenses may cause for you being in the spread," said coach Robert Maddox. "They couldn’t do that with what we were doing last year."

The offense for this year will be tweaked, and feature spread and wishbone looks. 

"We feel like we’ve got some guys coming up that have got a little speed to them," Maddox said.  "And with the guys that we’ve got returning and the guys we’ve got coming up, it gives us a little bit different dimension to maybe try to some things different.

"I always like to have something that’s unusual, that way you’ve got three days to work on something that’s unusual. If they see the same thing every week, then they can keep tweaking their defense or tweaking their offense to mold to that throughout the year. But if it’s totally different, it makes it a little more difficult to prepare for."

The offense loses some key players, like quarterback Turk Pettit and Jon Mark Traylor, but there's plenty of talent waiting to step up. 

Maddox said that Eric Schuster, who played receiver last year, is the front-runner to take over at quarterback. 

The offensive line will likely be built around a combination of Dallas Mitchell, Grant Hilyer, Joel Davis, tackle Chasen Earnhart, Geordan Tyson, Joshua Parker, Wake Allen and Patrick McMenamin.

"We’re moving a couple guys back to the line that were not on the line last year," said Maddox. 

The Warriors also return running backs Mitchell Sanders and Thomas Rankin, who is coming off knee surgery. 

"We’ll have to see how he responds being back in the groove of things," Maddox said.

The defense should look similar to a typical Warriors defense, although there could be some experimenting, to a certain degree, Maddox said. 

"We pretty well know what we want to do," he said. "Defensively, we’ll be doing the same thing we did last year, getting the right people in the right spot and finding a few people to fit into a other spots."

The defense lost some key contributors like Bo Dean, Nathan Freeman and Drake Samford, but also returns some key talent, like Bo Dean, Mitchell Sanders, Sam Harris, Jackson Cook and Jacob Carson. 

"Those are all some big shoes to fill. That’s why you practice. I’ll know more after that," Maddox said.

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