The Lee-Scott football team will look to earn its first win of the season on the road Friday against Calvary Christian, which is coming off a 22-17 loss to Glenwood last week. 

The Warriors dropped their season-opener 21-14 last week against Monroe Academy. 

Lee-Scott coach Robert Maddox attributed some of the mistakes made to youth.

"We had quite a few guys that were starting for the very first time and saw some challenges for the very first time," said Maddox, who added that the offense did fine "other than a few key mistakes — first game jitters, somebody going the wrong way a time or two, we had a holding call, two pass interferences and we fumbled the ball one time.

"The mistakes that we made because of our youth are very, very fixable. We’re looking at situations where we play like we’re capable of and we don’t make mistakes, we’re going to win the football game."

Maddox said if you took out those factors, he felt that the Warriors dominated the game, especially in the second half, where Monroe only managed two possessions. 

"You take out those other things, and who knows what the complexion of the game would have been like if we had not made those mistakes. But we did make some mistakes," he said. "Some of them were self-inflicted; some of them were caused by the other team, which is what you have in every game."

He said the power offense the Warriors run helped them control the clock, which he wants to see this week.

"Out of 24 minutes, I think we had it almost 22 minutes," he said of the second half. "If we can control the game like we did in the second half last week, I have every confidence that we can win the ball game."

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