The Lee-Scott basketball team took advantage of much-needed rest last week after a grueling first half of the season. 

Despite the rigorous schedule, the Warriors still pulled off a 12-3 record over that stretch. 

"We’ve played 15 basketball games really in about four weeks," said Lee-Scott coach William Johnson. "I think the time off is something we really needed."

Lee-Scott will get back to action this week with two games in the Glenwood Border Wars tournament. The Warriors played Mount Bethel Christian Academy on Wednesday and face Deerfield-Windsor today at 10:30 a.m.

"They’re always very good. I think they have a 6-9 post player that can play with his back to the basket and a bunch of good shooting guards around him," Johnson said. "But we’re tested. I’m not worried about how well we’ll play. We’ll play hard and give it everything we’ve got and see what happens."

The Warriors will take a few days off for the new year before getting beginning another tough stretch of games. The first was supposed to come Tuesday against Bessemer, but that game was canceled. 

The grind will begin instead against Springwood next Thursday, the first game of five slated for that week. 

"I think you need to rest up for your January, February run," Johnson said. "I think that’s important because January’s brutal as far as the teams we play, the road trips. Our region’s very tough. The school I was at last year played for a state championship and we were a four seed. That’s happened to me twice. If you can just make four seed or better, you have a chance to play for a state championship, and it’s just brutal, it’s tough. We just beat each other up.

"Coming back, it’s feet to the fire. There’s no rest. That’s really why I think this time of the year is important because when we come back after New Year’s, it’s such a tough grind. You’ve got to have your legs under you or you’re going to get beat."

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