Jack Terry

The Lee-Scott Athlete of the Week is Jack Terry, a sophomore who runs track and plays soccer for the Warriors. 

The Auburn Villager: What events do you run?

Jack Terry: At the state championship, I ran the 800 (meter), the mile, the 2 mile. I was on the 4x800 team and the 4x400 team.

AV: How did you get your start running track?

JT: I started running cross-country in seventh grade. I just decided to sign up. 

AV: What's your favorite event?

JT: I say the mile is my favorite. It's not too long, but it's not too fast. 

AV: Do you have a time you're shooting for in the mile?

JT: I ran 4.43 (minutes) at state, but it was pretty windy. Hopefully for the rest of the season, I'll go under 4.4. I hope to go 4.35 or 4.30 this year.

AV: What is the key in training to get down to that time?

JT: It's a mixture — you've got to run long distance and also shorter intervals. It all comes together to get a good mile or 2 mile.

AV: What's the most challenging aspect of racing for you?

JT: I definitely think in racing the most challenging thing is running your own race, not letting someone else dictate what you do. How I run —  I usually in a race  just sit and kick at the end of the race. So I let somebody else take the race out and then I come in at the end.

AV: Do you have any runners that you look up to or emulate?

JT: I have a couple favorite runners. I like Craig Engels. He ran at Ole Miss. I really liked him, and he runs professionally. 

AV: What do you like about him?

JT: I like that, I guess, that he's white and he's running with the Kenyans and stuff. The distance is usually dominated by Africans and he just kind of runs and he's just a normal-looking guy. He doesn't seem like he has anything spectacular about him, but he just works hard and has done good. 

AV: Do you play any other sports?

JT: I play soccer. 

AV: What position?

JT: I play forward, so I play striker. 

AV: Any role models in soccer?

JT: I like Kevin De Bruyne. He plays for Manchester City. He plays more of a midfield, but he attacks. He's just a really skilled player and he controls the game. That's what I like about him. 

Interview by

Brian Woodham


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