The Lee-Scott boys basketball team will try to keep the momentum going this week against Hooper and Southland after winning two in a row. 

The Warriors defeated Pike 49-47 and then broke out of their offensive struggles against Edgewood on Tuesday with a 67-38 win. 

"Our kids are playing hard; they’re battling. We lost two games in the final 10 seconds, on the final possession. We have given up two floaters that have been banked-in shots, rattled around, we’ve lost. You take those two away and we’re undefeated," said LSA head coach William Johnson. "I think we’ve played an extremely competitive schedule and it’s only going to get harder going forward. Our guys are battling. I think they’re a little tired right now; we probably need a few days to practice and regroup. We’ll get that next week."

Before the Warriors get a chance to regroup, they'll face a challenge from Hooper and Southland. 

Johnson said Hooper shoots the three well, an area the Warriors' defense is still trying to figure out.

"We’re struggling to defend the three-point line. It’s really going to be a good two-game stretch because Hooper can shoot the ball really well from the three-point line. We’re struggling defending the three-point line right now. We were struggling with that this summer when we were playing, so it’s going to be a good test."

Southland also presents a challenge with its press game, another area where the Warriors need some work. 

"We’re struggling with is extreme ball pressure and run-and-jump-type situations, and that’s what Southland’s going to do. So we’re going to see the two things that give us the most trouble in two games," Johnson said. "Our goal’s going to be getting better every day. Right now, we’re in a grind, we’re in a rut, and we’ve got to get out of that. 

"Southland’s going to be very athletic. They can get up and down. It will be a fun game, especially with that being here. I hope we can make some shots."

The Warriors will meet Hooper tonight and Southland on Saturday.

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