Roger McCreary & George Pickens
Auburn defensive back Roger McCreary breaks up a pass to Georgia wide receiver George Pickens in last year’s edition of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry 

After Auburn returns home from their first road game against LSU in week five, the Tigers will host Georgia in a tough rivalry matchup to kick off their SEC home slate. 

Led by head coach Kirby Smart, the the Bulldogs will be seeking the SEC Championship after missing the mark last season. 

The Bulldogs are coming off of a 8-2 record in 2020, having fallen to Alabama and Florida with wins over Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Missouri, and Cincinnati. 

The Georgia offense in 2020 was good, but good doesn’t win championships. 

This year, the Bulldogs have the chance to take the step from good to great. 

After JT Daniels suffered an ACL injury for much of 2020, he was unable to participate much but once he returned the offense took off. He has secured the starting job for this season but his supporting cast needs to step up around him. 

Georgia returns four of its five offensive linemen from last season, who should help pave the way for a powerful run game and good pass protection. They also return George Pickens, a former Auburn commit, who led the team in touchdown receptions. 

The offense has plenty of talent to be great; they just need to take the next step. If they do, the Bulldogs will be very tough to beat.

Georgia’s defense was and will most likely continue to be the strength of the team. 

The Bulldogs were the No. 1 pass rushing team in the nation last year, and while they lost their top pass rusher they will return Adam Anderson, who was second on the team with 6.5 sacks. 

Derion Kendrick is transferring in from Clemson, and will be an instant addition to the secondary. Defensive tackle Jordan Davis will be the crux of the defensive line providing a big 340-pound frame to stuff running backs in their tracks.

The Bulldogs are led by head coach Kirby Smart. Smart will be entering his sixth year of being a head coach. He has only been a head coach at Georgia, leading the Bulldogs to a 52-14 record, a bowl game every year, one SEC Championship and a national championship appearance.

Georgia will be a tough test for the Tigers early in the season. Following the LSU game, Auburn will need to be healthy and ready to play a physical Georgia team. 

The Tigers recently acquired Georgia wide receiver Demetrius Robertson, who will be looking to make an immediate impact on a depleted Auburn receiving room. 

Auburn hasn’t beaten Georgia in four games and will be looking to swing the outcome of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry back into the Tigers’ favor. 

The Tigers and Bulldogs will resume their rivalry on Oct. 9.

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