Griffin Speaks

The Auburn High football will try to keep its momentum going Friday when the Tigers host Minor at Duck Samford Stadium. 

The Tigers (5-0,3-0) are coming off an impressive 51-23 region win over Jeff Davis. 

After an early safety, the offense responded with 51 unanswered points to put the game away in the first half.

"We understood that it was just a mistake in the game, and our kids understood it, too. They just wanted to get back on track," said AHS coach Adam Winegarden. "We’re proud of how they competed, for sure."

A big part of the Tigers' success this season has been the play of first-year starter Griffin Speaks, who tallied 178 passing yards and two touchdowns against Jeff Davis. 

"I think he’s doing great," said Winegarden. "I think he’s progressing nicely. I think every week he plays he’s getting better. The more you play, the slower the game becomes and the better you see the field."

The Tigers focus this season has been to continually get better and play with good fundamentals and good team effort and speed, said Winegarden. 

"There’s never a perfect game, so you’re always seeking to play that way," he added. "It’s not always what you think it is. On Friday, from a bird’s eye it would seem like we played extremely well. But you go and watch the film, and even though a play’s successful, there’s mistakes that happen on those plays, too. It’s just going back and the continual improvement of each player."

The Tigers will face a Minor team that started the year 0-3, but has picked up wins in its last two games — a 28-21 win over Pelham and a 26-19 outing again Helena. 

"They won their last two games, so they’re building some momentum on their team," said Winegarden. "They have new coach; he’s done a really good job. They’re players are buying in, so I know they’ll be excited to come and play in Auburn and play us. They’re going to be up to the challenge. But really, it’s just about us continuing to get better. We can’t be caught into each week. The goal is to be the best team we can be, more so than is defeating opponents. The opponents are the test, but we’ve set our own measuring stick.

"I think it’s one of those deals where you’re always looking for improvement. I don’t think you can base where you think you are off of how you played particularly in one game because the level of competition is different in all of them. But we’re definitely taking steps in the right direction."

Auburn High and Minor will kick off at 7 p.m. Friday at Duck Samford Stadium.

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