Taylor Godwin

This week's Athlete of the Week is Auburn High's Taylor Godwin, a senior who plays second base on the Tigers' softball team.


Auburn Villager: How did you get your start playing softball?

Taylor Godwin: Well, my brothers always played baseball, so I was always out there around baseball. My dad would through with me and stuff, so that's how I got into it. 


AV: What drew you toward playing softball?

TG: I love the aspect of doing multiple things, like hitting and fielding. It wasn't just one specific thing.


AV: On the flipside, what is the most challenging aspect about playing softball?

TG: I would say probably the mental side because it's really easy when you make a mistake to get down on yourself. But it's such a long game and so many things happen that you can't let that happen because if you get down on yourself mentally it's hard to play the rest of the game and not make many more mistakes, so I think the hardest part is the mental side of it all.


AV: Did you have any role models you emulated or looked up to?

TG: I always looked up to college-level girls because they're on such a high level. I always looked up to them. Last year, we had nine seniors, so getting to watch them play and playing alongside them was a really big part of it all. And my teammates now are especially a big part even though they're younger. 


AV: As a senior, you've stepped into a leadership role now. How is that going?

TG: It's been a lot of fun, more than I thought it would be. I was kind of nervous going into this season about it, but it's been really fun to step into that role and know that I have such a big aspect on other people as a leader. It's just been fun.


AV: What's the biggest thing you've passed on to the younger players?

TG: I have this thing I say before every inning — "We have to remember to stay focused, be calm and be clean." And I say that every time.


AV: Do you have a favorite college team?

TG: I probably would say that my favorite on is Auburn just because I've been able to go to some of their camps. 


AV: How is the season going so far?

TG: It's going really good so far. We were all kind of nervous that first game. We have basically a whole new team since we graduated nine, but we've been doing really good so far. We went 3-1 this past weekend, so that's really good. 


AV: What do you all need to do to get where you want to be?

TG: I think practice a little bit more. It's been hard because it's been raining so much. So I think once we get back on our practice schedule and playing  more games and just being in those situations it will really help get us where we want to be.


AV: As a senior, do you know what you want to do yet after you graduate?

TG: I'm looking toward physical therapy right now just so I can stay in the aspect of sports and being around kids that do sports, but also to help people.


AV: Do you have any schools you're looking at?

TG: Auburn. 


AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

TG: Just hanging out with friends and family, for sure. And I'm big into my church youth group, so just doing stuff like that. 


Interview by Brian Woodham

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