Sunghun Cho

This week's Athlete of the Week is Auburn High's Sunghun Cho, a junior on the Tigers' tennis team.


Auburn Villager: How did you get your start playing tennis?

Sunghun Cho: I started when I came to the United States here like six years ago. My friends went to the tennis center, and I went with them. And then I started to play that. It was pretty fun, so I played since that.


AV: What do you enjoy most about playing tennis?

SC: I like the competitiveness of the sport, of the tennis. Tennis is an individual game, so you have to have strong mentals. And I like to compete with people, so that's why I started to play tennis.


AV: On the flipside, what is the most challenging aspect about playing tennis?

SC: You have to control your mind and mentals because it's so easy for you to break down if you don't have strong mentals. If you have weak mentals, you are going to have a hard time coming back from that game.


AV: Did you have any role models you emulated or looked up to?

SC: I like the tennis player Dominic Thiem because he has a one-handed backhand, and I have a one-handed backhand, so I always watch him, how he plays tennis, how he hits a backhand. I like the way he plays every point because he puts effort into every point. 


AV: What part of your game are you working on the most right now?

SC: I have a strong forehand. I try to use my forehand as a strength. But my backhand is a weakness, so I'm trying to work on my backhand.


AV: How has the season gone for you so far?

SC: It's been great so far because we haven't lost a match yet. We just won two straight tournaments. I hope we have an undefeated season this time.


AV: As an upperclassman, have you stepped more into a leadership role?

SC: Yes. I'm like the second-oldest person on our team, so I'm trying to get people to encourage them and motivate them to play more tennis, to get better.


AV: Do you have any preference on what type of surface you play on?

SC: Actually, I like to play on hardcourt because the ball is faster and I like playing fast-paced tennis.


AV: Do you play any other sports?

SC: I used to play soccer, and I like to bowl, too. 


AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

SC: I like to play piano because I've been learning for 10 years. I play video games, too. 


AV: Any genre you like to play on piano?

SC: I like to play K-pop music, pop songs and sometimes classics.


Interview by Brian Woodham

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