Salter Greene

In the spotlight is Auburn High's Salter Greene, a senior pitcher and outfielder on the Tigers' baseball team.


Auburn Villager: When did you get your starting playing baseball?

Salter Greene: I've been playing since Tee-ball. I've played my whole life, played travel ball, rec ball, everything. 

AV: What got you into playing?

SG: My parents said ever since tee-ball that I just wanted to throw and play.

AV: Do you have any favorite players you try to emulate?

SG: Not really. Growing up, I was a big Braves fan, and I just sort of followed their team. I had baseball coach I had growing up that I looked up to, but I wouldn't say any specific player really. 

AV: What pitches do you throw?

SG: I throw a fastball, a curveball and a changeup. 

AV: What's your go-to pitch to get someone out?

SG: It depends on the night, if I'm feeling the changeup or a curveball. But I'd probably say changeup, though. 

AV: What makes your changeup so effective?

SG: It gets the hitters offspeed from my fastball and sometimes I can be a little off-command with my curveball, so I'd say changeup is  probably my go-to.

AV: What's your favorite part of the game — pitching, fielding, hitting?

SG: I like hitting and pitching for different reasons. I guess I like pitching because you're part of every play. But I also like hitting because you know it's fun, you like to hit the ball. 

AV: How is the season going so far?

SG: It's gone really good. We've lost a couple games we probably shouldn't have, but we're doing good, working really well as a team.

AV: As a senior, have you stepped into a leadership role and how's that been?

SG: It's great. We have a really great team this year. We have a lot of chemistry and a lot of senior leaders, too.

AV: What's the goal for the team this season?

SG: I think we can get back to state. so that's our ultimate goal. But like (coach Matt) Cimo says, we're just focused on the little things, pitch by pitch. We're not worried about that right now. 

AV: As a senior, do you have an idea what you want to do yet after you graduate?

SG: I might want to play JUCO baseball. That's probably what I'd go to.

AV: As a pitcher or outfielder?

SG: I'd probably be a pitcher in JUCO, but if I got the opportunity to hit I'd love to. 

AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

SG: Video games and Netflix, I guess. 

Interview by 

Brian Woodham

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