Reagan McCall

In the spotlight this week is Auburn High student-athlete Reagan McCall, a senior runner on the Tigers' track team.


Auburn Villager: What events do you compete in?

Reagan McCall: I compete in a bunch of sprint events, and like a jump or two. So I do long jump, 400 (meter), 200 ( meter), 4 by 4, and those type of events.

AV: How did you get into running track?

RM: Well, I started in seventh grade. And my mom ran, so I was always interested in running because I really enjoy running since I was a kid. 

AV: Did your mom run competitively?

RM: She ran competitively. We ran basically the same events. She talked about it during my childhood.

AV: What did you pick up from her about running?

RM: She just told me to be determined and just always work hard and it will pay off.

AV: What is the biggest challenge about competing in those events?

RM: The biggest challenge is probably being patient because you have to work toward those results. You can't just expect them to just to naturally come to you.

AV: What is your practice regimen like?

RM: We have certain days where we practice running for conditioning and then we have other days where we just practice for events, so I'll like go to long jump and practice on my technique.

AV: What's the most challenging event for you?

RM: Probably long jump. 400's pretty hard, too, with conditioning, but it's all about being in shape. But long jump, you have to get the technique down and that's pretty difficult.

AV: What's hard about getting the technique down? 

RM: I have trouble trusting my steps because I have to hit the board perfectly each time, so I can't look at the board; I just have to attack the board each time. That's pretty challenging to trust myself.

AV: How is the season going so far?

RM: It's pretty good. We have our Last Chance Invitational meet this Friday and Saturday to prepare us for state. If we qualify, then we can go to state.

AV: Do you know what you want to do yet after you graduate?

RM: I would like to run track in college, but I'm not sure what school yet.

AV: Do you know what you want to study?

RM: Yes. I want to be a physical therapist assistant, so I want to go into the exercise science field. 

Interview by 

Brian Woodham

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