Parker Davis

This week's athlete of the week is Auburn High's Parker Davis, a senior on the Tigers' golf team.

Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing golf?

Parker Davis: Mainly, it was my dad. He started me back when I was young, and I was able to play it and then started taking it more serious.

AV: What do you like most about playing golf?

PD: The fact that it just kind of calms me down. I like being outside and being able to  envision hitting shots.

AV: What's the strongest part of your game? Driving? Putting?

PD: Probably driving is my best. The driver's kind of my confidence club. I don't swing very fast at it, so I've always been able to hit it down the fairway. I've never been the best ball-striker with my irons, so being in the fairway is really important to me, so that's what I practice the most.

AV: What area of your game do you need to work on the most?

PD: Definitely putting. It's something that I've always struggled with. 

AV: Did you have any golfers that were role models for you that you tried to emulate?

PD: I watch the PGA Tour almost every weekend. I love Tiger Woods, but right now I follow Jordan Spieth a lot. I like how he plays his game.

AV: How is the season going so far?

PD: It's pretty good. I haven't been playing as good as I've wanted to play. 

AV: What's your best round ever?

PD: On nine holes, I've shot around three-under before and then on 18 holes I've shot even a lot of times. The courses that we play, sometimes they've never really fit me the best, so I've never been able to really capitalize on full 18-hole rounds. 

AV: On that note, what's your favorite course that you've played?

PD: My favorite course I've ever played is TPC Sawgrass. I played it once, and I loved it.

AV: What was it like playing there?

PD: It was awesome. I just loved it because it holds the Players Championship every year. I love to be able to hit where the players hit.

AV: As a senior, do you know what you're going to do yet after you graduate?

PD: I'm going to Wallace State for golf right now. That's what I want to do for two years and then hopefully I can get a scholarship to a big four-year school after that. 

AV: How does it feel to know that you'll keep playing competitively at the next level?

PD: It feels good. I'm excited to keep playing. I've just got to get my game to that extra level.

AV: Do you play any other sports?

PD: I do. I love to play basketball and football is fun just to play with my friends. 

AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

PD: I love to fish. I've always loved to fish ever since I was a little kid. That's basically my number one hobby.

AV: What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

PD: One time fishing by myself down in Florida, I caught a 25-pound shark. And in Lake Martin, I caught a 25-pound striped bass. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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