Liam Weikart

In the spotlight is Auburn High's Liam Weikart, a senior on the Tigers' varsity soccer team.


Auburn Villager: What position do you play?

Liam Weikart: Right now, I play striker. But my main position is usually attacking-mid.  

AV: When did you get your start playing soccer?

LW: I used to live in Michigan and grew up in Michigan, so I started playing really young. And I just fell in love with the sport and just continued playing and now I'm playing for Auburn High.

AV: What got you into playing soccer?

LW: I think my dad liked it a lot, so he kind of influenced me to like the sport. I played rec at first, but I wanted more competition so I started playing travel and started getting into it more.

AV: What's your favorite part of the game? Scoring?

LW: Probably the most rewarding thing for me is making a pass to a teammate to score.

AV: How hard is it playing midfield?

LW: I feel like you have to be knowledgeable about where you're at on the field and just play your game.

AV: Did you have any role models or players you emulated growing up?

LW: Professional-wise, I looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo. He's really good, just his skills and the way he positions himself to set up plays and finish the ball is just incredible. So he'd definitely be a role model for me.

AV: Do you keep up with any Premier teams?

LW: Yeah, I do. I like Arsenal ... I enjoy watching them. I enjoy watching Arsenal because my dad and, I think his grandmother, liked the team, so that influenced me to start watching them, so that's how I got into them. 

AV: Have you gotten into MLS at all?

LW: No. I probably should go for Atlanta United or something like that, but I don't watch MLS as much as I do Premier League. 

AV: How is the season going so far?

LW: I think the season's going great. We lost to Vestavia. Our first match, I think we lost 4-1, but I think losing that match, mentally for our team, is going to influence us later in the season when we start playoff games. It's going to ignite us to want to win.

AV: As a senior, do you feel you've stepped more into a leadership role??

LW: I do see myself stepping more into a leadership role. It feels nice being able to lead your own team, but at the same time I feel like team comes first ... because the team has a big impact on how we play. 

AV: Do you know what you want to do yet after you graduate?

LW: I don't think I'm going to continue playing soccer. I'm just going focus on the schooling.

AV: Any idea where you want to go yet?

LW: I'm looking at probably going to Auburn. I'm not sure  yet. Me and my parents are still talking about it.

AV: Do you know what you would like to study?

LW: I think as of right now I'm looking at engineering. I don't know what type yet. 

AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

LW: It's actually funny. I collect baseball cards. And I just enjoy spending time with family. 

AV: Do you try to collect vintage cards?

LW: Yeah. My dad had collected baseball cards, so I kind of adopted that from my dad.

AV: Do you have a prized card?

LW: I have a Derek Jeter one that's pretty cool.

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