Jon Mark Traylor

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott senior Jon Mark Traylor, who plays tight end and defensive end for the Warriors.

The Auburn Villager: What positions do you play?

Jon Mark Traylor: I just got moved to tight end this year. I was playing noseguard, but I just got moved to defensive end, too. 

AV: Have you played these position before?

JT: In our offense, tight end is a lot like tackle, and that's what I was last year. It's basically the same thing.

AV: How are you liking the move to defensive end?

JT: It's a lot of the same kind of stuff, doing a lot of reading on offensive linemen, but it's definitely a lot of fun.

AV: Do you think you'll get more opportunities to get the quarterback off the edge?

JT: Hopefully, I should get more tackles at defensive end based around our defense than noseguard because at noseguard I'm really filling a lot of gaps more than attacking, and defensive end will give me some of those kind of opportunities. 

AV: Have you enjoyed going to the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust offensive approach and does it play to your strengths?

JT: We have a solid offensive line, a bunch of good guys who love the weight room, so it's just about firing off, hitting as hard as you can and get five yards here, six yards here, four yards here, hit them in the mouth over and over and over again. I really like that. We can't afford a lot of penalties in our offense just because you're really not looking for big plays. 

AV: When did you get your start in football?

JT: I guess as long as I can remember — back in when I was a little kid playing flag football in the city of Auburn rec league. Then I got involved in Termite and Pee Wee here, and then JV with Coach (Scott) Sprouse, and then all the way to varsity. 

AV: Are you going to try to talk coach into letting you go out on a pass route every now and then?

JT: Well, I've gone out on maybe three or four pass routes, but I haven't gotten the ball thrown to me yet. I've been covered every single one, but hopefully before the end of the year I can catch at least one pass. That would be awesome.

AV: Do you have an NFL or college team that you follow? 

JT: In the NFL, I like the New Orleans Saints a lot. But I'm a real big Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I love Alabama. 

AV: Do you try to pick up pointers by watching NFL or college games?

JT: I do sit down a lot and watch NFL games and college games. And even if I don't support either team, I'll sit down and watch and I'll try to learn based on those guys. Everybody's got a lot of different techniques that you can apply to the game, and so I try to learn from everybody.

AV: Do you have any post-college plays yet?

JT: I'm most likely going to attend the University of Alabama. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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