Davis Thompson

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott senior Davis Thompson, who plays on the Warriors basketball team. Thompson also plays golf for the Warriors and has committed to play golf at the University of Georgia after he graduates.

The Auburn Villager: As a senior, how does it feel to be a leader of the team now?

Davis Thompson: It feels good. We've just got to keep the motor going. We finished out pretty strong. We lost to a really good Macon-East team, but we finished, right before Christmas, three out of four, so we've got to keep the momentum going until the toughest part of the season. 

AV: Did you have any personal goals for yourself this year?

DT: Just being a leader of the team. Guys kind of look up to me, so I try to lead by example and just be the motor of this team.

AV: Do you see your teammates responding to you?

DT: I do. If I make a play, they get fired up and they're ready to make a play for themselves, so it's good to see.

AV: You all just got a break after a tough stretch of games. Are you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle area play in January?

DT: Definitely. I did a lot of resting this week, and I think we're re-energized and ready to go for this next part of the season.

AV: What are your plans for after you graduate?

DT: I'm verbally committed to play golf at Georgia, so I'm looking forward to that.

AV: Are you looking forward to going through one more season of golf here?

DT: Yes, sir. Just one more season of golf, and trying to finish out my high school career on a high note. 

AV: What's similar or different about the competitive nature of basketball and golf for you?

DT: For basketball, it's five guys on a court. With golf, it's more you're out on your own. It's still a team aspect on golf, but you're playing individually. In basketball, you can lift up your teammates on the court and you can fix problems really quick, but on the golf course if your teammates aren't playing really well you can't  really be there for them, so you've just got to keep the mindset in golf that every shot counts and you've just got to grind out every shot. 

Interview by

Brian Woodham


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