Mykal Prewett

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott freshman Mykal Prewett, who had games of 16 and 15 points in the Glenwood Border Wars tournament last week. 

The Auburn Villager: Is this your first year playing on the varsity team?

Mykal Prewett: It's not. I've played since seventh grade. 

AV: When did you start playing basketball?

MP: Probably around 5 years old is when I started wanting to play because my dad's been the coach. I actually started playing probably rec league in fourth grade. 

AV: Did it help having your dad (Chad Prewett) as a coach? What did he teach you about the game?

MP: Really everything I know, him and my sister. She was really good. He taught me to really love basketball and to appreciate it like everybody else does. 

AV: What position do you play?

MP: I play point guard on JV, and then backup point guard for the varsity, and shooting guard starting. 

AV: Is there one game this season that sticks out for you?

MP: Probably the Deerfield game we just played. Starting out, we thought we were going to blow them out, but we realized we needed to start playing harder than we were. And some of our people were fouling a lot, so were nervous about winning, but pulled through. 

AV: Do you have a preference between point guard and shooting guard?

MP: Point guard is more my thing because I like pushing the ball and knowing where everybody is on the floor and being able to pass it.  

AV: Did you have a role model in basketball growing up?

MP: Michael Jordan was probably my favorite player to ever play. I heard a lot about him. My dad grew up watching him, so he taught me a lot about him.

AV: Do you ever go back and watch old clips of Jordan? And what was it about his game you liked?

MP: Yeah, I do. He was just all around a great player. He could shoot the ball really well, and he knew where everybody was at on the floor. He was a great leader. He communicated really well. 

AV: Do you play any other sports?

MP: I run track and I play tennis. 

AV: Those are two spring sports. How do you find time to both?

MP: They don't do a lot in tennis, so I have a lot of time for track. Normally, in track we practice during school instead of after, so I have time for that. And some of our track meets don't really do anything toward where the tennis games are. They're normally on different days. 

AV: What number do you where?

MP Number one.

AV: Did you choose that number?

MP: Yeah. Because my sister wore it when she grew up, and she was my role model, so I wanted to be her number. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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