Josh Parker

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott's Josh Parker, a senior defensive lineman on the Warriors' football team.

The Auburn Villager: How long have you been playing football for the Warriors and how did you get your start with the team?

Josh Parker: I’ve been playing since 9th grade and I started because all my friends played and convinced me to play. They said it would be a fun time, so I’ve been playing ever since.

AV: What’s your impression of the team? How are your practices going?

JP: This year, we’re a really close team. Practices are intense at times, and at other times not very intense. We’re not always focused, but we have a lot of fun at practice. We get done what we need to get done, but we have fun while we do it.

AV: You play defense and offense. Is it challenging to play both those roles?

JP: I mostly play defense. I haven’t played much offense this year but watching the people that do, it seems pretty hard. I would do it but I’m pretty happy just playing one way.

AV: Do you have a strategy on the football field?

JP: Being quick enough to not get thrown around. And I guess my agility to get around the offensive linemen.

AV: Do you have any role models in football?

JP: Not really. I don’t watch a lot of football.

AV: What do you think about the Auburn Tigers this season?

JP: I like Auburn. I just don’t watch a lot of football but when I do, I like the team.

AV: What’s your biggest challenge as an athlete? What’s your greatest strength?

JP: My biggest challenge is keeping the intensity high every game, no matter the opponent. My biggest strength is analyzing the offense and strategies.

AV: What are you looking forward to after graduation?

JP: I’m looking forward to getting a roommate and going to college and learning about something interesting.

AV: Which schools are you considering?

JP: Either Auburn or Mississippi State. My dad was an alum at Mississippi State and his dad was a professor there so I’ve always grown up around Mississippi State. Auburn because all the times I’ve visited there it seems really nice, like a place to get a good education.

AV: What would you like to major in?

JP: I’m thinking about aerospace engineering or materials engineering.

AV: Any hobbies or other interests?

JP: I watch hockey and I fish.

Interview by Allison Barilone


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