Jazavion Ray

This week's Athlete of the Week is Auburn High junior Jazavion Ray, a wide receiver on the Tigers' football team. 


Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing football?

Jazavion Ray: I started playing football in the sixth grade. 


AV: Have you always played receiver?

JR: I have played quarterback and receiver.


AV: What do you like most about playing wide receiver?

JR: That I can make big plays. 


AV: What is the biggest challenge about playing the position?

JR: Just the impact, everybody counting on you to make a certain play. 


AV: How do you think the season is going so far?

JR: I think the season's going very good. Our team, we're being together as a team and we're coming together more, so it's helping us out because we're listening to a lot of stuff right now, so we're getting together. 


AV: Do you have any receivers you look up to or try to emulate?

JR: Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown and JuJu (Smith-Schuster), he plays on the Steelers. 


AV: What do you like about their games?

JR: Their intensity in the game and how they prepare for the games. That's mostly it.


AV: Do you play any other sports?

JR: I play basketball. I play small forward. 


AV: What do you like about playing basketball?

JR: I just like playing hard defense. I'm an active player, so I like the intensity of playing hard. 


AV: What colleges do you like watching in basketball?

JR: I like Georgia; I like Kentucky. That's the main two. 


AV: Any players you try to emulate?

JR: Not really. 


AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports that you enjoy?

JR: Go to work. That's about it. 


Interview by Brian Woodham

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