Grant Hilyer

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott senior Grant Hilyer, who plays on the offensive and defensive lines for the Warriors' football team. 

The Auburn Villager: What positions do you play?

Grant Hilyer: Left tackle and defensive line.

AV: When did you get your starting playing football?

GH:: I started playing football when I was 6 years old. I played rec football then, and then I forgot when we starting playing in school — third or fourth grade. 

AV: Did you always play along the line?

GH:Yes. I've always been on the line. 

AV: What do you like about playing in the trenches?

GH: Playing in the trenches, that's where everything happens. Most football games are decided by who wins the line of scrimmage, and most people who look on from a spectator's point of view they  don't see all that. I think us, as players, we know it, the coaches know it. It's a different feeling. 

AV: What kind of mentality do you have to possess to play down in the trenches?

GH: You've got to know every single play you've got to play your guts out because, me specifically, most of them are bigger than me. And so you've got to know every single play you've got to give it all you've got. 

AV: At left tackle, you're usually lined up against their best rush end. What kind of challenges does that present?

GH: It's hard, especially coming from last year when we were in the wishbone. There wasn't too much pass protection. And this year, it's a whole different ballgame. We went from hitting people every single play to you have to set back and let them come to you. It's different, especially when those guys are generally a lot faster than me. 

AV: Do you think your game has grown now that you're working on pass pro more?

GH: I do believe it has because before this year we had never really done much passing. Our entire line, not just me personally, from the beginning of this summer till now, pass protection has gotten so much better from all five of us, not just me specifically. 

AV: Do you watch film of any offensive linemen?

GH: Not any players particularly. I watch Auburn football, and I watch their linemen and see how they do. 

AV: How do you think the season's gone?

GH: We've had a few missteps, but overall I think the season's gone well. 

AV: Have you made any plans for after you graduate?

GH: I'm more than likely going to go to Auburn University. I'm not going to play football. But I'm going to go to Auburn and focus on school.

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