Casey Core

In the spotlight this week is student-athlete Casey Core Kim, a senior center on the Auburn High basketball team

Auburn Villager: When did you get your start playing basketball?

Casey Core: Probably around sixth grade in rec league. 

AV: What got you into playing basketball?

CC: My dad. 

AV: What do you like most about playing?

CC: I like being around my teammates. 

AV: What's the biggest challenge about playing center?

CC: Your teammates are counting on you to get the rebound and scoring in the post if they miss their shots. 

AV: What do you like most about playing center?

CC: I like being the tallest person. 

AV: Do you ever step outside and shoot from the perimeter?

CC: We have one play that I get to step outside and shoot the three. 

AV: Is it challenging to step outside a take the long shot?

CC: It is. I'm not used to being out there. 

AV: Did you have any role models growing up in basketball? 

CC: My brother. 

AV: What did you learn from watching him play?

CC: Being aggressive.

AV: How is the season going so far?

CC: It's going great. I'm averaging a double-double, and I'm starting to get teams looking at me for school. 

AV: What is the goal for the rest of the season?

CC: State championship. 

AV: You said you have teams looking at you. Do you know what you want to do yet after you graduate?

CC: I don't know what I want to do yet. 

AV: Do you play any other sports?

CC: I run track, the 100 and 200. 

AV: What do you like about running track?

CC: It's an individual thing, so you push yourself. 

AV: What's the biggest challenge about running those distances?

CC: Just really like injuries. There are a lot of hamstring injuries in the short distances. 

AV: You're about 6-1. Can you get close to dunking?

CC: Yeah. I'm close. 

AV: What would it feel like if you got a dunk?

CC: It would feel great. 

AV: Any hobbies outside of sports?

CC: I like eating. 

AV: Favorite food?

CC: Probably hot wings. They're so good. 

Interview by Brian Woodham


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