Avery Nutter

Lee-Scott senior Avery Nutter rides horses competitively and runs cross-country for the Warriors.

The Auburn Villager: When did you start running cross-country?

Avery Nutter: Seventh grade. I was not athletic and my dad signed me up without telling me. And I’ve run it every year since then. For the past three or four years, my mom and I have been running together a lot. So cross-country is fun now; I like it.

AV: What’s your impression of the team this year?

AN: We’re pretty good. It’s gotten smaller every year. Last meet, two of us were sick so we didn’t have enough to qualify for a team. We’re small but we won our last meet. We were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I think we’re pretty good. We practice a lot more than the other teams, so that’s paying off in the meets.

AV: Is there a particular terrain or course you like to run?

AN: Some of the trails are very narrow and I don’t like those as much. I like the ones that are wider, so everyone can fit and we’re not tripping all over each other.

AV: What’s your training regimen before a race?

AN: We practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and usually run 4 to 4.5 miles. On Tuesday, we’ll have a lighter practice, and then on Wednesday we’re supposed to do a light jog on our own, so we’re not too sore before a race but we’re still getting something in.

AV: Do you have a certain running strategy?

AN: Not really. I stay pretty much the same pace. I start off a little faster, pick my pace, keep it, and then obviously speed up at the end to try to pass whoever is in passing distance.

AV: What’s the best thing about running cross-country?

AN: It’s fun that my mom and I get to run together, but it gives me something to do in the fall. I ride horses competitively so that takes up most of my time. I started riding horses at Storybook Farm, and rode there for eight or nine years.

AV: You’re a senior this year; any plans after graduation?

AN: I’m planning on going to Auburn, and I eventually want to do veterinary medicine, with exotic or marine animals.

AV: Do you have any hobbies?

AN: Horses are my hobby; that takes up most of my time. My horse is in Georgia so I drive back and forth to ride and do horse shows on weekends.

Interview by Allison Barilone


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