Aubrey Holladay

In the spotlight this week is student-athlete Aubrey Holladay, a senior middle blocker on the Tigers' volleyball team.

Auburn Villager: When did you start playing volleyball?

Aubrey Holladay: About the third grade, really little. I started with a couple camps, and then eventually once I got to the school level it was all volleyball.

AV: What do you like most about playing volleyball?

AH: I would have to say the speed of it. It's such a fast game, and it's so constant that there's not really a lot of time to think and it's just kind of second nature. 

AV: Biggest challenge playing volleyball?

AH: Probably also the same thing. It's that you really don't have time to think and you want to make the smart play, and you just have to go with your gut and hope it works out.

AV: You've been playing for so long. What's gone into your training over the years?

AH: I play travel ball in the offseason and then summer workouts all throughout the summer, so it's basically been year-round since third grade. 

AV: Did you have a role model in volleyball growing up?

AH: One of my club coaches last year, she was a setter at Columbus State University. She just had so much knowledge about the game that regardless that we didn't play the same position she was just a really great role model on how to play. And from a coaching perspective, she was one of the best coaches I ever had.

AV: As a senior, how have you embraced a leadership role?

AH: I guess just always making sure that I'm there to encourage the other girls, especially since we have a younger team this year and we have three seniors. A lot of the girls have never played on varsity before, and it's just a new experience, so just to be there for them, and the fact that sometimes you do make mistakes and you just have to work through it. 

AV: How is the season going so far? 

AH: The season has been going pretty well. We've played a lot of tough opponents that in past year we have not beat, but this year we have, which is really great. I'm kind of checking things off my senior bucket list. I guess just focusing on making sure we're ready for regionals has been our angle. 

AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

AH: I really am into reading. I love reading. 

AV: Do you have a favorite book?

AH: That's like asking me to choose my favorite child. No. I like them all. 

AV: As a senior, do you know what you're going to do after graduation? 

AH: I kind of want to be an admissions counselor at a college just because when I was going through taking tours of colleges, and you'd hear people giving a speech about what makes this school so great, I could really see myself doing that. I think that would be fun. 

AV: Do you know where you want to attend yet?

AH: I'm kind of leaning toward Auburn, but I'm also considering Belmont in Nashville.

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