Annsley Cerovsky

Lee-Scott senior Annsley Cerovsky cheers for the Warriors on the Varsity team

The Auburn Villager: How long have you been cheerleading and when did you get your start?

Annsley Cerovsky: I started cheering at Lee-Scott in third grade and I haven’t stopped. I love it.

AV: What’s the best thing about cheerleading?

AC: I feel like the best thing is if it’s a close game especially, and just having the crowd involvement, just being able to cheer all night.

AV: Did you attend cheer camps and things like that when you were growing up? How did those impact you as a cheerleader?

AC: Yes, I did. I attended every cheer camp they had at Lee-Scott, from preschool until about sixth grade. Having the older cheerleaders, it gave me someone to look up to. I wanted to be like them, and that’s the really good part about cheer now, I can set good examples for the younger kids now and hopefully they look up to me like I looked up to the other cheerleaders.

AV: Do you do any tumbling in addition to cheering?

AC: I do. I used to cheer at Extreme Athletics and that was competitive cheer. I did a lot of stuff there.

AV: Where are you in the pyramid?

AC: I was a flier, sometimes I still fly but I base mainly now.

AV: Is there anything about cheerleading that makes you nervous or uncomfortable? How do you cope with those feelings?

AC: When we compete, sometimes it makes me really nervous, but honestly I just have to say a little prayer and look to Him for guidance.

AV: Do you cheer year-round and do you participate in other sports?

AC: I do cheer pretty much year-round because tryouts start and then our actual season is during summer. So we have to get ready for competition during summer and then it’s football season, and as soon as that ends, it’s basketball season. I don’t think I’m going to do any more sports. I’m just involved in a lot of other clubs and activities here at school.

AV: What’s your advice for anyone wanting to try cheerleading?

AC: My advice is just to be confident in yourself and go and take classes somewhere and get used to doing tumbling because that does help a lot.

AV: Do you have any other interests or hobbies?

AC: I do a lot of things here at school, like SGA, SCA, Key Club, Anchor Club, Ambassadors, everything.

AV: What are your plans after you graduate?

AC: I was accepted into Auburn. I’m thinking something medical. I’m not really sure yet.

Interview by Allison Barilone


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