Anna Kelly

This week's Athlete of the Week is Auburn High's Anna Kelly, a junior on the Tigers' soccer team.


Auburn Villager: What positions do you play?

Anna Kelly: Well, right now I'm playing all over, but basically center-back and the holding-mid position.


AV: In general, how did you get your start playing soccer?

AK: When I was younger, I just played everything. And then I fell in love with playing soccer and it's just been my love ever since then.


AV: What drew you toward playing soccer? 

AK: Mostly, just spending time with my friends and working for something. It just motivates me every day to keep going.


AV: What's the biggest challenge about playing soccer?

AK: Well, I would say managing time, not in the sport, but outside, like managing when you have practice and getting school done. But inside the sport, I would say the fitness.


AV: What does it take to stay fit?

AK: Every day, you've got to run some type of something or you fall behind.


AV: Do you have any role models you looked up to growing up?

AK: Growing up, I've always watched Hope Solo and Abby Wambach and all of them play. And mainly my coaches — I look up to them a lot. Bill Ferguson, I've looked up to him like forever. 


AV: What is the biggest thing you picked up from watching them or from coach Ferguson? 

AK: Just follow your heart, follow your dreams, keep going.


AV: How is the season going so far?

AK: We're playing some very difficult teams, but I think that we're competing. We're doing pretty well. We've won many in-state games, and then people we will see in state we've competed well against.


AV: As a junior now, do you feel you're stepping more into a leadership role?

AK: Yeah. A lot of people on my team are just in need of motivation, so I feel like I can be there for them, to motivate them to keep playing and to get better every day. That's our main focus. 


AV: What are your personal goals for the season?

AK: Win state, win rings. I think this year we can compete.


AV: Do you play any other sports? 

AK: No. I recently played basketball, but I play for a national team, so now mainly soccer. I focus on that.


AV: So you play club ball, too?

AK: I play club and then play for the school. 


AV: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

AK: Just hanging with my friends, going to movies. 



Interview by Brian Woodham

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