Adrienne Leonard

This week's Athlete of the Week is Lee-Scott Academy senior Adrienne Leonard, 17. Leonard plays setter on the volleyball team.

The Auburn Villager: Tell me about your season so far. When did it start?

Adrienne Leonard: Our season started about three weeks ago, our real season did. Over the summer, we had a few tournaments, and we actually did really well. I'm very proud of us. 

AV: So, you feel good about the team this year?

AL: We've done a lot better than I expected just because we have a really young team. We only have four seniors, and then everyone else are, like, sophomores. So, we've done really well.

AV: Being a senior, have you had to step up and be a leader?

AL: Yes, really all the seniors have had to take on a big leadership position. I think everyone has handled that very well. 

AV: How many seniors were on the team last year?

AL: I think we had three or four last year, so it was about the same.

AV: What is the team focusing on in practice?

AL: Really just getting after the ball and never giving up on the ball. Sometimes we'll give up on the ball when we could make plays.

AV: Do you take things away from each game that you can improve on?

AL: Yes; we've learned that our passing needs to be better, so we really focus on that in practice, and instead of just getting reps, we try to get reps that actually matter. We try to make our time in the gym count.

AV: In volleyball you rotate positions, right? Which position do you enjoy the most?

AL: I'm a setter, so that's all I've done for the past few years.

AV: How long have you played volleyball?

AL: I've played since sixth grade, so that's about six or seven years.

AV: What do you like about playing the sport?

AL: Really just everything. I don't really know. I've played it for so long, and it's just so fun. All of my friends have always played it, and it's just something I enjoy doing.

AV: So the team is pretty close-knit?

AL: All the seniors have played together since seventh and eighth grades.

AV: What goals does the team have this year?

AL: Well, we really want to get back to the Final Four like we did last year and hopefully win state, so that's what we're really trying for.

AV: Do you have any individual goals?

AL: Really just to get as many assists as I can because that's the only position I play.

AV: Do you have someone you look up to that inspires you?

AL: Kerri Walsh Jennings (U.S. Olympic volleyball player). I've always looked up to her.

AV: What are you plans after graduation?

AL: I actually just toured Auburn (University) today, so I really want to go to Auburn, but there's always other possibilities.

Interview by Allison Blankenship


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