e careful where you step. There are lots of rabbit holes out there, and they are not easy to spot. 

Chances are good that many of these mysterious holes are located in Washington, D.C., so be extra careful if you’re planning a visit. 

What’s in the rabbit holes? Deep State, QAnon, Proud Boys, Antifa, Oath Keepers — all kinds of organized and sinister groups, both Republican and Democrat, ready to spread foolish ideas and beliefs. 

“Fight like hell or you’re not going have a country anymore.” That’s the advice former President Trump put forth as he tumbled down a rabbit’s hole.

Trump’s final fall came from his wild belief the presidential election was stolen by liberal officials who manipulated electronic voting machines. 

Another rabbit hole is the nutty school of thought that Slim Man is behind the Covid-19 pandemic and that the rollout was, in fact, a well-planned disaster.

Rabbit holes are places where reality and fantasy swirl together to create absurdities. These holes are not what our nation needs right now. They involve too much political paranoia.

The holes cause us to lose ourselves as we take on troubling states of mind. We buy into these bizarre beliefs of untruth, many of which are just plain silly and nutty.

What we need right now is a boat load of reality, common sense and honesty. We must get our conspiracy theories behind us so we can start believing in the greatness of America again. 

Why ordinary people believe in deep, dark plots of takeovers and takedowns at the highest levels of our government is difficult for me to comprehend, especially since politicians are known to be big mouths who couldn’t keep any secrets anyway.

All the talk of spoken mysterious codes, hand symbols, messages revealed in key words or at the blinking of eyes — the messages of deep state — are difficult for sane people to comprehend.

We’re told the media, liberal newspapers and TV news networks, in particular, are the keepers of deep state. Such foolishness leads people to distrust mainstream media, Democratic politicians and even vaccine medicine, of all things.

We have gone way too far with these Looney Tunes. Conspiracy theories do not tie up loose ends. They cause loose ends to fray and fall part. But for some peculiar mental reason, we seem to love conspiracy theories — that there is something sinister behind or beneath every major issue or event.

It bothers me that former military patriots, who swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, were duped into believing the “Stop the Steal” madness. Many of these soldiers trampled on the sacred document they swore to uphold and defend.

Their actions show us just how far off course propaganda and conspiracies can take us. 

Conspiracy theories are nothing new to politics. They’ve been around from the beginning when political opposition turned nasty.

Rabbit holes, though, are not just confined to politics. We encounter them in our beliefs that Elvis and Michael Jackson are still alive and that Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover planned and carried out the Kennedy assassination.

Also, particularly now, we see it in the unreality that Trump won the election but it was stolen from him. It would be impossible to steal an election because it would require legions of people to stay silent. There hasn’t been that kind of silence ever in politics. 

Also, there’s the rabbit hole of a group of Hollywood big-wigs and unknown powerful politicians who kidnap young girls and sell them overseas in the sex trade market. Man, it takes a fertile mind to put that one together. But there are people out there who believe it is happening. 

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are perfect places to birth and grow conspiracy theories. Computer surfing has made us more isolated than ever. We land on sites where we lack the mental interactions that can keep us free from these twisted, nonsensical theories.

When we read something that doesn’t sound quite right, we should stop, think and then ask ourselves if what we’re reading could actually be true. If the thought is doubtful, then we’re making good progress.

Effort to keep from falling into rabbit holes requires constant vigilance. Rabbit holes can come upon us quickly. So, whether we’re on our computers or cell phones we need to be sure we have solid ground under our feet.


Ralph Morris is a retired newspaperman who lives near Auburn. His email address is r.morris@ctvea.net.

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