With the Covid-19 pandemic hanging around the Auburn area and posing a threat to our elderly population, many of whom usually make up the vast majority of poll workers, it was heartening to see relatively younger people doing their civic duty and working the polls on Tuesday. 

And from what I saw and experienced, and from what most people reported on social media, they did a fantastic job —  directing people where they needed to go, keeping lines moving and answering any questions that popped up. They did a service not only to our community but to the many usual poll workers who for years have spent their entire day helping us get out the vote. 

And while divisiveness, anger, fear and, at times, hate have characterized this election season, it was reassuring to see little evidence of that at polling locations in our city. To me, that speaks volumes about our community and the respect we have for each other and voting as a civic duty. 

While early voting days in the weeks leading up to the election are sorely needed in Alabama, a small hat tip is in order for the Secretary of State's office, which eased restrictions on those who can request and vote via an absentee ballot. A record number of Lee County residents took advantage of that, with over 10,000 absentee ballots requested, more than double the previous record. 

Lee County residents should also feel good about themselves, after more than 71,000 turned out at the polls from about 124,000 registered voters.

So, hat's off to everyone in the Lee County community for making the 2020 election go so smoothly — at least locally. 

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