A number of municipalities in east and central Alabama had elections this week but not Auburn, although I wish our city would have.

I am not arguing that we have elected officials here who need to go, because I doubt any would be removed anyway, but I do wish our local election would be on the same day as others.

Alabama does not, as a whole, do a stellar job of training poll workers, so maybe workers from several cities could gather for a common workshop, if the elections were on the same day for cities that are electing mayors and city council members.

And wouldn’t one election save money instead of two?

Phenix City is doing something I wish Auburn would do in the not so distant future —consider electing a city Board of Education. 

Previously, the Phenix City voted to form an elected board. Today, the city was choosing those board members. 

In the past, board members were chosen by the City Council as they are in Auburn. 

The legislature gave Phenix City the authority to switch to an elected school board and the voters approved the change and are now selecting the members.

The council will continue to be elected like Auburn, as Phenix City shares the the same City Council-Manger form of government with Auburn. 




Retired Auburn Attorney Don Eddins is publisher of The Auburn Villager newspaper and the online publication, auburnvillager.com. Before going into law, he was state capitol reporter for The Huntsville Times and state editor for The Columbus Ledger. In college, he was sports editor of The Auburn Plainsman. Email him your comments about the newspaper to doneddins@auburnlaw.us. 

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