This being an election year, many candidates are posting on social media that they have earned Moms Demand Action’s Gun Sense Seal of Distinction. Comments that accompany these posts lead me to believe that the group is misunderstood, and I would like to clarify some issues.

This distinction does not equal an endorsement. Rather, it means that the candidates have answered a questionnaire put out by Moms Demand Action, and that their legislative goals align with ours. So, what is Gun Sense?

We are a non-partisan group of dedicated volunteers who respect the Second Amendment; we are not trying to take away guns from responsible gun owners.

However, too many guns wind up in dangerous hands or in the hands of children, resulting in an average of 96 Americans killed every day due to gun violence with many more injured. 

We do not naively suggest that we will be able to rid our societies entirely of this violence; however, scientific research tells us that common-sense gun laws can significantly reduce it.

Our primary goals include supporting the permit requirement we currently have in Alabama, background checks on every gun purchase, including private sales, and keeping guns out of schools.

In addition, through our BeSMART program, we reach out to communities throughout the state with simple steps we can take to keep guns out of our children’s hands, preventing unintentional shootings, namely ensuring that guns are securely locked in homes and vehicles. 

Moms Demand Action is growing throughout the state, and we can be found at To get involved in your area, click “take action.” 

Kerri Muñoz

Auburn resident

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Anyone who posts any sort of approval from your nonsense organization is an automatic 'no' in my book. Your organization continuously lies about current laws (especially open and concealed carry), wants to confiscate firearms (despite what you say, your support is behind "assualt weapon" bans that translate into eventual confiscation), demands gun owner registration, and shows contempt for the Alabama and United States Constitution. You refuse options which would actually increase school safety, while you continue to promote policies that endanger lives AND suffocate freedom. In short, keep your nonsense to yourself and stop trying to tell everyone how to live.

If you were REALLY for responsible firearm ownership and safety, you would be promoting education programs like the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. Ah, but you won't, because the NRA is the devil or some such tomfoolery. Take your dangerous freedom-hating agenda somewhere else. Auburn does not need any more stupidity.


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