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Why I’m voting for Ron Anders

I first became aware of Ron Anders as a city leader when he was one of the major “movers and shakers” to bring the Dixie Youth World Series baseball tournament to Auburn in 2005. Even though I didn’t have children or grandchildren who were involved in that event, I’d heard friends talking about how well it was run and how much fun it was to go over and watch the games.

So, not wanting to miss out on anything important happening in Auburn, I went over to see what everybody was so excited about. As advertised, the event was a lot of fun and was beautifully organized. Somebody mentioned at the time that Ron Anders had poured his heart and soul into making this a reality. I was impressed.

A few years later Ron became a member of the City Council, and I became interested in some of the issues that it were dealing with, especially regarding the development in the downtown core. I didn’t agree with some of the decisions that were made, but I came to realize that many of the things that were happening downtown were due to the codes in place, which gave the property owners the right to sell their land to developers who then built apartments on this property. There really wasn’t a whole lot that our elected officials could do about it.

I attended some council meetings and spoke out. I had a Keep Auburn Lovely sign in my yard for a very long time. Even though Ron wasn’t the council member for my district, he took the time to call me and to explain why some of these things were happening. I appreciated his sensitivity to my concerns and he made me understand things in a better light.

I still don’t agree with some decisions that were made, but I expect (in fact, I am certain) that when I was a teacher there were plenty of parents and students who didn’t agree with every decision I made either. It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time. (You may quote me on that pearl of wisdom.) The same is true in city government.

Ron’s family, going back to his grandparents and, more recently, his parents Ronnie and Rosemary, have been wonderful supporters of the city of Auburn. They have sponsored youth sports for many years and have helped so many worthwhile community projects. They raised their sons to be civic-minded and to make positive contributions to their hometown. Ron has been on numerous boards, including the Chamber of Commerce (where both he and his father have served as president) and the Boys and Girls Club. In addition, he has served as a volunteer coach on countless recreational teams over the years.

I know that Ron is acutely aware that Auburn has reached a crossroads. We are no longer a sleepy little village as many of us would prefer. We can’t put a “No Vacancy” sign at the roads leading into town. The growth we’ve experienced in the last two decades has been nothing short of phenomenal. Mistakes have been made along the way. Young families and retirees have poured in because Auburn is a wonderful place to live, but it’s a small town no longer.

We need strong leadership as we move forward into a new stage of Auburn city life. I think that Ron Anders has the background, the experience and the commitment to help made “the new Auburn” a place we will continue to love. He says, “Let’s do this together.” I want to be a part of his team. 

Betty Burgess

Auburn, Alabama

David Hill for mayor

If you have felt as if you haven’t been heard or represented by Auburn’s City Council in years past, this is your moment, and David Hill is your man for mayor of Auburn.

David chose to come back to his hometown and made the bold decision to run for mayor. He wants to listen to all citizens and bring trust and confidence to city government. Because of his experiences in academia, government and business he is uniquely qualified to serve Auburn. He knows what Auburn can be and how to bring that vision to fruition.

He isn’t beholden to any special interests or tied to any developers. He is an Auburn graduate, Auburn homeowner, an Auburn scholarship donor and an embodiment of an Auburn man. He can accurately and faithfully represent the needs and desires of the majority of Auburn citizens.

Auburn’s rich past and valued traditions should enrich the vision for its future, and not be limited to the “way things have always been done.” This is a concept David understands. Let us value and preserve our traditions and neighborhoods, move forward and plan for her explosive growth by electing David Hill as mayor of Auburn.

Susan Haines

Auburn, Alabama

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