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I have read and agree with the letters to the editor supporting Ron Anders for Auburn mayor, including those from David Housel, County Commissioner Sheila Eckman and my favorite from Ron’s son, Josh Anders. 

I have known Ron Anders since we were both Auburn High students in the 1970s. However, I got to know Ron very well about 25 years ago, when we both taught a fifth and sixth grade Sunday school class for at least a dozen years and again serving for years together as deacons at the same church. Serving together allowed me to learn a lot about Ron.

I know Ron’s character; he is a man of integrity and honesty. Ron is a gifted leader in the community and in the church. Ron’s priorities are his faith in Christ, followed by his family and then his love for our country, which includes Auburn.

Auburn has grown tremendously since the 1960s when Ron and I were kids growing up in Auburn. Ron has an appreciation of where Auburn has been and where it is headed. Ron has a long history of service to the citizens of Auburn, both in the community, the church and in city government, and Ron possesses the experience and ability to lead Auburn as our mayor. Ron is a man of action and a consensus builder. Please join me in voting for Ron Anders for mayor of Auburn.

Mike Speakman

Auburn, Alabama

None better than David Hill

David Hill and I have been friends since junior high school. We really got to know each other well when we both got into Tommy Goff’s Auburn High School band.

David was always smart and connected, and he got along with everyone. He had club affiliations and was always a class leader.

After high school, we went our separate ways. David attended Auburn University, and I remember that he was AU student body president in his senior year — still connected and working with and working for his fellow students.

From that point on, David and I saw each other and caught up at Auburn High School class reunions.

David is, without doubt, the most qualified of the mayoral candidates. His whole career has been centered around government. He is a published author on voting and elections. He is a retired professor, having taught at several prestigious universities. He has firsthand knowledge of what other college towns have done to improve their cities together.

David has been married to the former Sue Hoerlein, an Auburn native, for 47 years. Together, and in conjunction with the Auburn City Council and the Auburn citizens, David will bring transparency to city government. This is something that has been lacking for several years. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Jack Marshall

Auburn, Alabama

Former mayors for Ron Anders

As former mayors of Auburn, we are encouraging Auburn voters to join us in supporting Ron Anders for mayor. Ron has demonstrated his commitment to our city. His contribution through conscientious service on the City Council, Planning Commission and a number of city task forces confirm his qualifications for mayor. From our experiences, we also know the importance of stability, continuity of good government and a positive image to those who view Auburn from the outside. Whether through the eyes of those investing in city bonds, clean industries seeking to locate here or those drawn to Auburn for work or retirement, these qualities have an impact on Auburn's future.

Significant development has characterized Auburn in recent decades. Some of us have not approved of recent downtown development. Some believe the choice for mayor is between change and status quo business as usual. We disagree. The real choice is one of which candidate can provide the most effective leadership for a future of positive growth and development. Who will best be able to bring us together to form a consensus of opinion sufficient to make the progress we all want for Auburn: In essence, retention of the best of the past and development of the best for the future.

We need leadership that is forward-looking and consensus-building. We need leadership that promotes all elements that make Auburn a great place to live and work and that will protect the excellent reputation of our city. We believe that leadership will best come from Ron Anders and urge you to vote on Oct. 9 for Ron Anders for mayor.

Jan Dempsey, mayor in 1980-96

James K. Haygood Jr., mayor in 1968-1976

David Hill most qualified

Auburn citizens have an opportunity on Tuesday to select Dr. David Hill as the most qualified mayor in our city’s history. Dr. David Hill has the knowledge, experience and judgment to lead our city through this crucial time in Auburn’s historic growth. Dr. Hill is a strong proponent of small business development and is prepared to improve Auburn’s assistance to new businesses. But, he is not beholden to the out-of-state developers of high-rise tenement and commercial buildings that are distorting the Auburn skyline.

Dr. Hill will use his experience with other university based communities and has the vision to manage Auburn’s growth and development, protect our neighborhoods, improve access to city shops and restore transparency and voter participation in city government.

He already has a good relationship with Auburn University leaders and is well positioned to promote city and university collaboration, such as public transportation. Auburn has a great future, and deserves leadership with integrity that we can depend on to realize this potential. Vote on Oct. 9 for a strong, experienced leader for our great city.

Henry Baker

Auburn, Alabama

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