Don Eddins, in his article, is uncertain as to the legal status of the Roe v Wade decision allowing abortion on demand, and only during the first trimester, since Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a replacement for Judge Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. Judge Barrett has previously said that the 1973 Court decision was not based on the Constitution but on a "right to privacy" that liberal justices invented. There is no reference to "privacy" in the Constitution.

   If a woman can kill her unborn child in "privacy," why can't she kill her born children in "privacy?" Or her husband or grandmother? The Declaration of Independence guarantees "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness;" but if someone is denied life, they will never experience liberty or pursuit of happiness.

  These questions must be answered if one thinks the Roe v. Wade decision was correct and whether it can be invalidated by another succeeding Court:

(1) Is the thing aborted human life? Will it be something other than human life at birth? What it will become at birth, it already is; another human person. Calling it by terms that describe its development stages does not make it non-human at any one point and human at another. 

(2) When did it become a right for anyone to kill another human being? Why is that decision only the woman's right and not also the father's? The child could only come about because of the two different genders engaging in sex. Roe v. Wade gives the father no rights in this abortion decision, only the mother.

(3) Have other Supreme Court decisions been invalided later? Why is Roe v. Wade untouchable? Many like Hillary Clinton think that a mother's abortion decision is almost "sacred." The Dredd Scott decision allowing slavery was overturned along with hundreds of State laws that allowed slavery and the relegation of Blacks to a second-class citizenship. It was also the law of the land for some time.

(3) Eddins says: "Abortion is a strange issue in that no one is really for abortion. Some just believe women cannot completely have reproductive freedom without a right to abortion." Is that true? Reproductive rights are exercised when a woman chooses to engage in sex. Nature and science have provided many means to prevent reproduction. If she becomes pregnant from that prior decision, should society allow her to correct it by killing the conceived child? Would it be acceptable if some people want to commit serious crimes because they limit their "freedoms," so everyone else, who think these crimes are immoral, should just go along with it and accept the consequences?

  In the 2000 Stenberg v. Carhart case concerning whether a State could prohibit "partial-birth" abortion, where the child is partially removed from the woman's womb, then its brains are vacuumed out or crushed, Judge Ginsberg mocked what she called the "emotional uproar" the procedure caused. What a great humanitarian jurist; may she rest in peace with the 50 million aborted children whose deaths she was unconcerned about.

Let's all hope and pray that Roe v. Wade is history, a terrible holocaust of human life.

Carl S. Gagliano

Auburn resident


Vote your values

This November, vote your values. Many people focus on the personalities running for president, but much more is at stake than tweets or hurt feelings. Whoever wins the presidency will likely be gone in four years, but the laws passed, judges installed, and policies implemented could have lasting effects on our country. Here are some considerations. 

An unborn child can experience pain by 22 weeks of gestation or earlier. Doug Jones and Joe Biden support abortion through nine months of pregnancy. There are documented cases where a child who survives attempted abortion is left to die without medical care. Democrats in Congress refused to support a bill to protect these children. If you believe that submitting an unborn child to the pain of late term abortion is cruel, that every child who is born has a constitutional right to life, that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortions, vote for Trump and Tuberville. 

Under the deceptively named Equality Act (EA) passed by House Democrats, boys, who are generally stronger than girls, can compete in girls’ sports, win scholarships intended for women and violate women’s privacy by using their locker rooms and bathrooms. Under EA, people suffering from gender dysphoria (transgender) must be provided dangerous hormones and doctors must, against their best judgment, remove healthy organs in so-called “gender affirmation” surgeries instead of addressing the underlying psychological disorder. No procedure having a suicide rate post-surgery 19 times the national average can be therapeutic. Parents of minor children often have no say. 

The EA eliminates religious freedom protections for individuals and businesses. Under EA, Christian adoption agencies would be forced to place children in same-sex households. Studies show that children raised by a mother and a father have the best chance of success in life. The reverse is true of same-sex households. 

If you believe that children should not be denied the chance to ever experience the love of both a mother and a father, that adoption agencies should act in a child’s best interests, that women’s sports should be reserved for women, that compassion means protecting people from self-harm, and that you should not be forced to violate your faith in your workplace, don’t vote for Democrats. 

Prominent Democrats express anti-Semitic sentiments without censure and associate with avowed anti-Semites. Where poor children attend failing schools, parents should have the option of choosing an alternative school. This especially affects minority communities. Biden opposes charter schools and school choice. Trump calls school choice a civil right. If anti-Semitism should not be tolerated, if you support school choice, vote Republican. 

Republicans believe judges should not legislate and that the Constitution and laws should be interpreted based on the meaning of the text at the time they were written. 

The differences between the two parties have never been starker. Religious liberty, parental rights, children’s rights, school choice, our Constitution and much more are on the ballot this November. If these values are important to you, your vote is important. 

Dennis Shannon

Auburn resident

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