Anyone who has hired a mechanic, electrician, financial advisor or Realtor knows that enlisting a professional with experience and expertise is often the most efficient use of our time and money. And, maybe even more importantly, consulting an expert offers valuable peace of mind. 

Here at the United Way of Lee County, we strive to be like any other trusted professional, offering the same level of expertise and effort that allows our donors to give with confidence. We’re giving professionals!

Area nonprofits apply each year for United Way funds and are required to provide an extensive amount of information, including detailed financials, plans for the year and specific reports of numbers served. 

Each January, after the close of the campaign, a group of community volunteers representing a wide cross-section of professions gathers to carefully consider how to allocate funds and make a recommendation to the United Way board of directors. 

Over three days, the allocations committee combs through the information and meets with each agency to ask additional questions. Each program is evaluated for impact, efficiency and ability to offer unduplicated services to Lee County residents. Since requests typically exceed funds available, the committee is tasked with making difficult recommendations. 

Allocations can be an intense process, but we are professional stewards who have been entrusted with community funds, and we take that responsibility seriously. The goal is to maximize every dollar and do the hard work, so that you can donate without reservation knowing that your dollars are distributed for maximum impact in meeting the needs of our community. 

After recommendations are made and approved, funds are distributed to the selected high-quality programs administered by our professional partner agencies. Every dollar makes a direct and positive impact on the lives of your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Please consider a gift to United Way to honor a friend or family member this holiday season. From the entire staff at United Way, have a happy, healthy holiday season!


Kimberly E. Myers

Campaign Manager

United Way of Lee County Inc. 



Without widespread change, GOP will remain party of Trump, not Lincoln


I was most alarmed to read Mr. Eddins' conclusion that the Republican Party is not in need of change. If nothing else, they need a platform, something eschewed in 2020 in favor of pledging only to support Donald Trump, who has now lost the presidency by more than 6.98 million popular votes and 74 electoral college votes.

More distressing, however, was to read Mr. Eddins’ reference to LBJ's assessment that the Democrats would lose the South without any mention of the systemic racism that led the 36th president to his profoundly troubling prediction. Mr. Eddins elides this Southern switch with the popularity of low taxes and limited regulation, policies that disproportionately benefit the White community. 

Most unfortunately, there is no acknowledgment that it was not just President Trump’s refusal to keep “his mouth shut and [do] his job” that led to his defeat, but also that a majority of Americans rejected his strategy of stoking racial tension and fears of White displacement. Too many Republicans support Trump in his effort to overturn millions of votes cast in predominantly Black precincts.

The Republican Party needs to do more than win two senate seats in Georgia and sustain the fantasy that Trump will “keep a low profile” before January 5. Racism and White supremacy threaten to shred the ties that bind Republicans to the man they claim as their guiding light. Without widespread change, the Party of Lincoln will remain the Party of Trump.


Anne Leader

Auburn resident

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