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The 2018 Municipal Elections are upon us, as candidates have until July 17 to qualify. If space permits, please allow me to sound the call for citizens of Auburn to participate in the August 28 elections. Regardless of your political persuasion or interest in our community, every vote matters and every vote counts.

The importance of 2018 cannot be underestimated, as the position of mayor and at least six council seats will be under new leadership. To pre-think this election cycle to be business as usual is a grave mistake; the status of our city and its future hinges on the people we select to faithfully serve and discharge the duties of public office.

While the status of our city and its future is indeed quite ripe for discussion, may we proceed with a civil discourse that we should all expect from a well-educated and economically developed community. The astronomical growth and pursuant strategic direction should be the primary issue, as Auburn charts the delicate balance of a small Southern town joined at the hip by a world class, brand name university.

The growth of the last several decades is testimony to the previous statement of fact and the desire for people to be here. Your personal stance and opinion are important, but so are the demands of reality. For every one of us who view high-density student housing in the city center as repugnant, there is another just as excited about the urbanism and perceived progress. As we analyze and debate the rate of growth or style of growth, we look to leadership to not only steer the discussion, but to also be cognizant of a population’s desires, concerns, and the quality-of-life expectations that are uniquely and inherently Auburn. No easy task, to be sure; but a challenge best met with high ethical standards and a strong moral compass.

To these job requirements, let us express our appreciation and admiration to all seeking and willing to enter the arena of public service. I encourage all citizens to examine each candidate and express yourself with the freedom of your voice in spaces like this; and more importantly, with your vote on Aug. 28.

With that, let me conclude with an example of the civil discourse described above. Others may seek the position of mayor, but no one on the planet is more qualified than Ron Anders. While I’d consider that a fact, please accept it as just an opinion from an ordinary citizen. While happy to declare my support, most everything else about the man speaks for itself. The involvement, the record of community achievement, the plain stated objective of inclusiveness and a harmonious approach to the future of our community. Anders for Auburn? I say Auburn for Anders.

John T. Folmar 

Auburn, Alabama

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