On Sept. 6, 1967, Eddie Seibold carried out a carefully planned attack on the Sinclair family in their home on Gardner Drive in Auburn after months of stalking.

He intended to kill everyone in the house, not just the three children who were his victims — Lynn Sinclair and Mary Durant, 9, and Libba Sinclair, 18.

He fled the murder scene, which included a blood-saturated teddy bear, but was later captured in Florida. This is likely the most horrific crime in Auburn’s history.

Seibold originally received the death penalty which was changed to three consecutive life sentences for murder plus 20 years for attempted murder. However, he comes up for parole every five to six years.

Seibold's next parole hearing will be on Nov. 8, 2017. Please contact Ms. Rhonda Carter ASAP at the Parole Board to oppose the parole. Your letter should include the following information and be received no later than two weeks prior to the hearing:

• Inmate #105403, 

• His full name — Edward Albert Seibold

• Hearing date — Nov. 8, 2017

Send the letter by email to Rhonda.Carter@paroles.alabama.gov and/or by regular mail to:

Rhonda Carter

Board of Pardons and Paroles

301 S. Ripley Street

P.O. Box 302405

Montgomery, AL 36130-2405

Ms. Carter’s phone number is 334-242-8050.

The Sinclairs and the Durants were well-loved members of the Auburn community. I implore those of you who remember this crime or who are concerned about victims’ rights and citizens’ protection to contact the Parole Board immediately pertaining to Seibold’s parole hearing.

Linda Dean

Auburn resident

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