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In his May 5 letter, A.L. DeWitt calls Moms Demand Action volunteers liars and then makes the dubious claim that background checks on all gun sales will lead to a national gun registry.

Many Moms Demand Action volunteers are gun owners, proving false DeWitt’s claims that we are “anti-gun” or want “all guns confiscated.” Pure nonsense.

What we want is a background check system that does not have loopholes. Twenty states and the District of Columbia require a background check on every gun sale.

These states see 47 percent fewer women shot to death by intimate partners, 47 percent less firearm suicide, 48 percent less illegal gun trafficking, and 53 percent fewer law enforcement officers short and killed in the line of duty.

When Connecticut passed its law requiring background checks for all handgun sales, the state saw a 40 percent reduction in gun homicides and 15 percent reduction in gun suicides. Background checks are easy, convenient, and keep guns out of dangerous hands.

As many as one in 10 people seeking guns in unlicensed sales online have prohibiting criminal records that would be stopped by a background check.

Moreover, background checks are overwhelmingly popular among American voters, and 97 percent believe they should be on all sales. These are the facts. To see the research behind them, visit www.everytownresearch.org/background-checks-loophole/.

Or, visit our information table at the Pride on the Plains festival on June 2 at Kiesel Park, where we will Wear Orange in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Anne Leader

Auburn resident and

volunteer leader of Moms Demand Action

for Gun Sense in America, Alabama Chapter

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