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Allow me to share with you my response to Congressman Mike Rogers’ comments to me via on the separation of children from their parent(s).

First, I, too, am an immigrant. My parents and I immigrated from Switzerland in the early 1950s, along with many other Europeans. We had to abide by reasonable immigration laws and believe others should continue to do the same.

Second, I have not heard comments that illegal immigrant children are being lost. All opposition-related comments made in news reports I’ve heard and read deal with the separation of children from one or both parents and the lack of preparedness for the care of those children. I do see in the reunification process the very real possibility the failure to unite ALL children with their respective parent(s). And that, then, begs the question of what to do with those that aren’t reunited.

Third, certainly, building a wall will deter to some extent drug and sex trafficking. If I recall the numerous documentaries I’ve seen and news reports I read, a large proportion of the trafficking comes through official border crossings. And let us not forget Mr. Joaquin Guzman Loera (a/k/a El Chapo) whose employees built an elaborate tunnel system with rails under the prison where he was “secure” that led to his “safe” house and freedom.

And as many members of Congress know, there are lots of tunnels leading from Mexico to the United States in very populated and other communities. And this, then, begs the question not how high to build the fence, but how deep. And, tangentially, how far out to sea does the wall need to extend, given that a considerable amount of drug and sex trafficking occurs via the Pacific Ocean.

And, lastly, let’s not forget the many serious crimes and terrorist attacks on persons by our own beloved citizens, and comparatively how few by illegal immigrants with children.

I suggest that if Congressman Rogers is — as his intern told me — against children being separated from their parent(s), he should put out a statement to his district constituents so noting his opposition to Trump’s separation policy.

Bruno O. Ulrich

Auburn, Alabama

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