Auburn City Council will hold a ‘work session’ Monday, February 8th to review the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve Short-Term Rentals in family designated residential zoning districts and to allow an unlimited number of overnight guests. If Council approves the proposal next Monday, Council could vote to make the recommendations a City Ordinance following the Public Hearing as early as its Feb. 16 meeting. 

Members of the Mayor’s Task Force, Planning staff, and select members of the Planning Commission worked hard designing legislation to prohibit Non-Primary Short-Term Rentals (a/k/a investor-owned rentals) and Homestays in family oriented zoning districts (e.g., NC, DDH, LDD, etc.) and to limit the number of overnight guests, But it seems the majority of Council members are considering an amendment to allow STRs in residential neighborhoods throughout Auburn and to allow an unlimited number of overnight guests to stay in them! Neighborhoods affected include Asheton Lakes, Cary Woods, Cloverleaf, and others.

Auburn’s family oriented residents should email City Council (

to pass the Planning Department’s October 5, 2020, proposal that EXCLUDES STRs in family oriented residential areas and LIMITS overnight guest to six (6) or at least base it on two (2) guests per bedrooms as do most communities across the country similar to Auburn researched. 

Elected officials have protected Auburn’s neighborhoods for over 35 years. Let’s protect them for at least another 35 years. Please contact your elected officials today and tell them to protect the health, safety and welfare of our neighborhoods.

Bruno Ulrich

Auburn resident

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