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To the Editor:


Please support moving and preserving the Cullars house, a fundamental link to our city’s past.

This gracious landmark has served as a reminder of Auburn’s earliest days, when we were first called “the loveliest village on the plains.” The tangible reminders of this era have almost vanished. Without a visible reminder of our past, how do we measure how far we have come?

The city has the funding, but it must have the vision. Responsible budgeting and competitive bidding can address the financial concerns, but we must take that first step in recognizing the goal. Fiscal Year 2018 city revenues exceeded projections by nearly $2 million; continued commercial growth downtown and the project planned for the home’s existing site will increase revenues even more. The increased revenue covers the $200,000 estimate to move the house described in the Sept. 3 council meeting e-packet.

The Cullars construction business literally built our university and city — Samford Hall (1888), the Bank of Auburn (1906), and many others. They also provided land for the Cullars Rotation — the oldest ongoing cotton fertility experiment in the country. Their home’s historic value linking today and yesterday is irreplaceable; as one of the last remaining residences built by their business, it also has architectural value.

If we think of Auburn as family, we should act as a city that values the inevitable maturity of its components, the grandparents of our city’s built environment. Recognizing the ongoing value of our older buildings, expressed in our Master Plan, is a way to achieve our goal of a thriving, safe, healthy community that is available for all.

Please vote YES to protect this irreplaceable convergence of city and university, our Auburn history. Time is critical. The city’s commitment will give momentum to community, corporate and other support.

Gabrielle Dean

Auburn native and resident of Decatur, Georgia

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