Kerrie Munoz thoughtfully tells us in her April 19 letter that the “Gun Sense Seal” is not an endorsement. As an NRA Life member, I could not agree more.

Rather, it is an indelible stain on the reputation of the politician obtaining it. It means they do not believe in our constitutional government.

Ms. Munoz tells us Moms Demand “respect(s) the Second Amendment.” This is, quite candidly, a lie.

One example shows why. Chief among the things Moms Demand champions is “background checks on every gun purchase.” Greg Ridgeway of the National Institute for Justice, an arm of the Justice Department, wrote recently that such schemes are unenforceable absent a national registration system.

Not to mention that the FBI, tasked with running the background check system, refuses to perform these universal checks.

This is why Nevada has not implemented its background check scheme. It cannot.

Why is national gun registration a bad idea? Because when New York changed the law to declare certain weapons capable of holding more than five cartridges illegal, New York used its registration list to confiscate the weapons. Note that the criminals never gave up their weapons.

Registration is the first step toward confiscation. History teaches that citizens who relinquish their rights to self defense end up oppressed. Stalin, Hitler and every other tin-pot dictator started by disarming the populace. Coincidence? I think not!

No one should be fooled by New York Mayor Bloomberg’s bankrolled anti-gun group. Moms Demand’s assertion that it respects the Second Amendment is untrue. They eventually want all guns confiscated. They just lack the candor to say it.

A. L. DeWitt


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