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Thank you to all our amazing, brave men and women in uniform with the Auburn Police Division and Auburn Fire Division. This past year has been a very difficult and challenging time for our community, especially for each of you, but your commitment to our community has never waned or faltered. For that, I am forever grateful.

You have suffered loss and injury, but choose each day to put the uniform on and head back out on our streets to keep us safe and secure. Our safety is not by chance but by your dedication, determination and professionalism. That dedication, determination and professionalism starting at the very top with the exemplary leadership of both Police Chief Register and Fire Chief Lankford, and uniformly spreading throughout you all, both APD and AFD.

As a father of two daughters, I am forever thankful that when we go to bed at night and I tell them goodnight, I do not worry about my family’s safety, as I know you are out there keeping trouble well away from my doorstep. And if trouble should come, I know your response will be quick, efficient and overwhelming.

Thank you for caring about our safety and the safety of my neighbors. I know your job is often thankless and extremely difficult, with long hours and in the most severe situations. You often see the worst in our community, as you are the unflinching wall between the worst and all of us.

I can never repay you for your personal sacrifice, but please always know my family and I are forever in your debt, and we are continuously praying for your safety, as is our whole community. May God bless you and protect you as you selflessly protect us all.


Brett A. Smith

Councilman, Ward 4

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