In a college town, it goes against all logic that there are parts of town where students cannot live together in more than groups of two.

There are already plenty of areas where students don’t live, mainly due to the cost of living and the location. This law about residential areas where no more than two people with different last names can live together is complicating people’s lives.

This law and its uneven enforcement came to the forefront of the community last year when five girls living together in a house owned by one of their dads were forced to split up. Three of them had to move out in the middle of the semester, despite petitions being signed and pleas at community hearings. Though the outcry over the situation has died down, this law still exists and people still live in fear. 

I have a close friend who is moving into a house with a girl who lives in a residential area. They are terrified to have anyone else live with them in this four bedroom home. They are afraid that the police will show up one day and force one of them to move out. People should not be made to feel this way in their own homes. This home is owned by one of the girl’s dads. If he lets them live there, then no one else should say anything about it.

Sarah Jarnagin

Auburn resident

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We're new to living in a college town and built a home in what we thought was a single family residential development since that's what the HOA's Covenants said. We were shocked to find out parents buy homes for their college students to live in. One neighbor told us a party got so out of control before we moved in a Dad of 4 little girls had to get up late at night to go several houses down and ask for the party to calm down. A football player was involved, punches were thrown and the police had to break it up.

Another neighbor has complained of so many cars coming and going and parked on the street with 3 or 4 students and their friends. Some guys put up a 'shanty' on top of the deck complete with a fridge. Not a particularly attractive update.

College kids are going to party and have friends over. The problem is one type of lifestyle coexisting with another, families with babies and young kids.

Someone recently pointed out that some parents buy large homes and allow their students to live there but also use it for game day weekends. I understand that but still think two students is realistic to keep the lifestyle in sync with a residential family neighborhood.

Owners in our neighborhood are pretty relaxed but from what I've heard they were glad the city had a restriction for our zoning.

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