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To the editor, The Auburn Villager:


This citizen and her husband do NOT support the proposition that the city's revenues be used to move and restore the Cullars House.

The city of Auburn has already devoted significant resources to a similar project — the Nunn-Winston House that was relocated to Kiesel Park, restored and then enhanced with the addition of a modern meeting facility adjacent to the house. And the city has already devoted significant resources to the development of an historic district near downtown and the preservation of the old post office building.

A million dollars is a lot of money. Given that the city has earmarked the Special Five-Mill Tax Fund's resources for education purposes (certainly a worthy commitment, one that provides benefits to a much larger percentage of Auburn citizens than protection of historic buildings does), our belief is that there are other public purposes for which that million dollars could and should be used — particularly public safety and public works. 

As the many new multi-story and multi-purpose developments across the city are completed and come into use, the demand for police, fire, emergency, street maintenance and drainage services will expand significantly. These are vital services that benefit all the people who live in, work in, spend free time in and pass through Auburn each day.

We urge the council and mayor to vote against using city resources for moving and restoring yet another historic home.

The historic preservationists who support this effort should join together and raise the necessary funds privately.

Thank you for considering our point of view.


Andrea Jackson

Auburn, Alabama

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